Venue: Department of Translation, Interpreting and CommunicationAbdisstraat 1 – 9000 GhentTel. + 32  9 33 11 930Thursday, September 10, 2015
08:30 Registration, breakfast reception (central hall)
09:00 Word of welcome (room A1.04)
09:15 Keynote 1: Michal Kryzanowski – Neoliberalism, Economization and Transformations of Policy Discourse: The Case of the European Union (room A1.04)/ Chair: Ellen Van Praet
10:15 Coffee break (room A1.04)

Parallel session 1

Panel 1 (room A0.02) –  Chair: Nils Smeuninx

  • David Guttormsen, Neil Pyper & Brenda Hollyoak. Managing Language Policy in International Work Organisations during Disjuncture with Socio-Linguistic Identities and Stuart Halls’ concept of ‘becoming.
  • Guro Sanden. When implementation precedes selection: Coming to grips with the “non-formalised” language policy
  • Decock, Sofie & Bernard De Clerck. CMC complaint management in a multinational context. A closer look at the German and English sales teams.
  • Daniel Perrin & Jessica Wyler. “On fait un peu le laboratoire et on verra les risques” – Inclusive multilingualism in global news

Panel 2 (room A0.04) – Chair: Céline Van De Walle

  • Antoon Cox. “…je ne sais pas je ne sais parler ce n’est pas moi… “ Misunderstandings and communication problems in a linguistically diverse Emergency Department
  • Demi Krystallidou, & Shuangyu Li. Who is responsible for patient centred care? Responsibility distribution in mediated consultations
  • Lisa Segers, Ellen Van Praet & July De Wilde. Superdiversity in multilingual service encounters: the development of a web app for communication with immigrant mothers
  • Barbara Schouten. Toward a model of informal interpreter-mediated health communication
12:30 Lunch (room A1.04)

Parallel session 2

Panel 1 (room A0.02) – Chair: Anneleen Spiessens

  • Ifigeneia Machili. The enactment of power in the Greek corporate setting: A choice between global and local languages
  • Sunniva Whittaker & Anne Kari Bjørge. Social and professional identity in the multilingual workplace – the knowledge worker perspective
  • Florian Hiss. Traditional and new multilingualism in regional economy: Resources, diversity, and professional practices

Panel 2 (room A0.04) – Chair: Lisa Segers

  • Emmanuelle Gallez & Anne Reynders. Pathos et interprétation judiciaire: une étude de cas dans une cour d’assises belge
  • Emmanuelle Gallez. Impolitesse au tribunal : un défi pour l’interprète?
  • Hildegard Vermeiren. Un modèle conception pour l’interprétation, sa pratique et sa recherche
15:00 Coffee break (room A1.04)

Parallel session 3

Panel 1 (room A0.02) –  Chair: Chloé Lybaert

  • Nils Smeuninx. The Interplay of Performance, Variety and Industry on the Readability of Sustainability Reporting
  • Xiaorui Zhang. Complaint on the social media: a constructivist perspective
  • Eline Zenner, Dirk Speelman & Dirk Geeraerts. All-English and mixed-English job ads in the Low Countries: A variationist perspective

Panel 2 (room A0.04) –  Chair: Hildegard Vermeiren

  • Aija Virtanen & Maiju Strömmer. Beliefs about sufficient language skills in nursing and cleaning work
  • Ellen Van Praet, July De Wilde & Pascal Rillof. Contesting the monolingual mindset: practice versus policy. The case of Belgium
  • July De Wilde, Ellen Van Praet & Pascal Rillof. Costs and benefits of bridging the language gap through non professional interpreters. A Flemish case-study
16:45 Keynote 2: Yves Van Vaerenbergh – At (y)our service? A call for interdisciplinary research between applied linguistics and service researchers (room A1.04) – Chair: Sofie Decock
18:00 Reception followed by conference dinner (room A1.04)


Friday, September 11, 2015
09:00 Keynote 3: Anne Kankaanranta – The notion of BELF in the multilingual reality of multinational companies (room A1.04) – Chair: Bernard De Clerck
10:00 Coffee break (room A1.04)

Parallel session 4

Panel 1 (room A0.02) –  Chair: Geert Jacobs

  • Rebecca Piekkari. Strategizing language and language strategy in the interationalization process of the firm: a co-evolutionary perspective
  • Maria Cristina Gatti. IM and new corporate identities
  • Annelise Ly. Internal email communication in the workplace: is there an “East-West divide”?
  • Julia Valeiras-Jurado & Geert Jacobs. A multimodal approach to product presentations: persuasion in multilingual settings

Panel 2 (room A0.04) – Chair: Katrijn Maryns

  • Heidi Salaets & Myriam Vermeerbergen. Interpreter-mediated Questioning of Deaf minors
  • Mieke Van Herreweghe. Flemish Sign Language Interpretation on Flemish Public Television
  • Sonya Sahradyan. Multilingual migrant NGO practitioners: Internal and external communication in the workplace
  • Katrijn Maryns. Global English use in institutional encounters with immigrants in Belgium and the Netherlands
12:30 Lunch (room A1.04)

Parallel session 5

Panel 1 (room A0.02) –  Chair: Sofie Decock

  • Karin Van der Worp, Durk Gorter & Jason Cenoz. Language practices among multilingual professionals in international companies in the Basque Country
  • Glen Michael Alessi. Business English as a Lingua Franca in Chinese-Italian Business Negotiations: A corpus-assisted case-study of communicative strategies

Panel 2 (room A0.04) –  Chair: Demi Krystallidou

  • Rena Zendedel. Informal interpreting in general practice: perspectives of Turkish-Dutch patients, family interpreters
  • Celine Van De Walle, Ellen Van Praet & Demi Krystallidou. Using unscripted scenarios for a research-based revision of interpreter training in health care
  • Yvan Leanza. Bringing multilingualism in healthcare teams: ups and downs of integrating interpreters
15:00 Coffee break (room A1.04)
15:30 Keynote 4: Srikant Sarangi – The communicative and ethical ecology of interpreter-mediated healthcare encounters (room A1.04) – Chair: July De Wilde
16:30 Rounding up of conference (room A1.04)